• Sustainable Finance e-learning Platform


The following e-learning course has been developed to deepen your understanding of the concept of sustainable finance and the intention of the Kenya Sustainable Finance Principles. In conjunction with the case studies it takes you on a journey from the concept of sustainable development to the role of the banking community in achieving such an ideal. Throughout the course you will learn about the experiences of various actors across the finance sector with the concept of sustainable finance and gain practical advice on how your bank can implement the requirements of the Kenya Sustainable Finance Principles.

The course comprises six modules, five case studies and associated quizzes.  

MODULE I: Introduction to Sustainable Finance and the Kenyan Sustainable Finance Principles 

MODULE II: Social and Environmental Risk Management in Financing Activities 

MODULE III: Introduction to Understanding a Bank’s Direct Environmental and Social Footprint. 

MODULE IV: Sustainable Finance: A New Frontier with Financial Growth Opportunities 

MODULE V: Overview of Good Practice in Governance for Sustainability and Reporting Performance

MODULE VI: Recap on the Kenya Sustainable Finance Principles 

MODULE VII: Green Bond Market - Financing Environmental Solutions for Sustainable Development

The total time commitment to complete all modules is no more than two days. The time table is flexible and you can set your own study times.  However, we do encourage you to complete all the modules required within three weeks of registering.  

You will be directed to the modules that are mandatory depending on your current role within your Bank that you indicate when signing up for the course. You can opt to take additional modules should you be interested in other topics. 

To complete the course you are required to pass each of the quizzes associated with the modules you take.  A total of 70% is needed to pass and it is possible to repeat the quiz multiple times. It is hoped that after completing the course, exploring the case studies and additional resources you will be better equipped to guide and participate in your bank’s contribution to more sustainable economic growth and development for Kenya.